Sherman School

  • On June 18, 2015 ·
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Sherman School

Thoughts while exploring Sherman School:

  1. I love when there are remnants of the students who went there to give you a feel for the kids that learned here. Sherman School had actual handprints. You could probably use forensic technology to track down the people who went there, if they have a criminal record.
  2. The rusted “No playing in this yard after dark” sign was creepy. I would have preferred to hear that message from a wizened old caretaker who’s the only person left who knows how all those children died, or that they come back every night at the stroke of midnight.
  3. There was a guy who went to this tour with a very Hitleresque mustache. Not posting a picture of him, though, ’cause that would be creepy of me.
  4. There’s an awesome slide in the basement, presumably used as a chute for coal or other things brought into the boiler room. Imagine how many kids went to this school who’d have loved a turn on the slide but never even got to find out it was there.